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Astrology: The Autumn Forecast

The Seasonal Forecast
by Sage

Before I get to the Autumn forecast, let me mention the Full Moon of this Thursday, September 23, exact at4:17am, at 00:15° Aries. All full moons are Sun-Moon oppositions,with the Sun directing light onto the Moon from 180° away and revealing her secrets. As with all oppositions, there's an inherent contest between the two energies involved. The Sun is ego, attention,and activity; the Moon encompasses feelings, nurturing, and women. When people act a little lunatic at the full moon, it's frequently due to trouble integrating these heightened energies. Please note, however, that it will be Thursday before Moon will reach the warrior sign of Aries. For the purposes of this Autumn forecast, she's still in floaty, permeable Pisces. This means the general attitude of people will be overwhelmingly Piscean for the entire Autumn season.

Autumnal Equinox – Mabon – Forecast 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
10:09:02pm CDT
San Antonio

Click here to view the chart!

Welcome Autumn! This chart is for the precise moment of Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra. Seasonal charts like this can be used to forecast the events of the coming 3 months,until the Sun reaches the next solstice point at Yule. (Charts done for the cross-quarters/midseason points will work for the six week period until the next Solstice point, but they're always secondary to the 3-month seasonal chart.)

I posted two weeks ago about Mercury and Pluto both ending their retrograde cycles and resuming direct motion (on 9/12 & 9/13 in Virgo and Capricorn, respectively). Even though Autumn is the Season of Air, there is a heavy undercurrent of mutable, transformative earth energy pervading the entire season, and the Seasonal chart only underlines these themes.

Pluto T-Square

What we call a T-Square in astrology is when you have an opposition between two planets with a third planet at a right angle to them both. This is one of the most challenging planetary configurations (aspects) because it takes a simple conflict and complicates it. Oppositions are like tug-of-wars, where each opponent vies for control over the issue at stake between them.Squares, meanwhile, are 90° angles, so the planets involved have differing points of view, differing values, differing understandings of what the issues are, etc. There is friction because they don't understand each other or consider the other's perspective to be valid. A T-Square does both at once.

In the Equinox chart, our T-Square looks like this: Sun and Saturn are in the first degrees of Libra.They're in almost exact 180° opposition to where the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are clustered together in the last degrees of Pisces.Pluto, at 02° Capricorn, squares both groups. With me so far? Okay,let's look at what the archetypes are doing. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in Libra blends ego and authoritarian energy; that these planetary-actors are in Libra means they're wearing beautiful,Venusian Libra costumes, and their motivation is to seek harmony and balance, only, remember, they can only use their ego-authoritarian energy. On the other side of the sky, the Moon-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction blends emotion (Moon), amplification & belief(Jupiter), and the urge to revolutionize (Uranus). They're wearing watery, flowy Pisces and thus motivated to dissolve existing boundaries within the scope of feeling, faith, and rebellion. The opposition between the two conjunctions is along the epochal Saturn-Uranus opposition we've been dealing with for a couple of years now, so the core issue is the ongoing contest between old and new. With Saturn finally in Libra, the opposition is in peace-loving signs, and even though T-Squares are difficult, they're also enormously productive because they give an outlet to the endless tug-of-war of opposition. That means this Autumn has the potential to resolve a great deal of longstanding conflict.

Now, Pluto energy is ultimately about power. We see it manifest in politics, the darker aspects of eros,manipulation, espionage, and the drive to reshape things from the ground up (literally and figuratively). With Pluto at the apex of this T-square in grounded, practical, corporate Capricorn, there's the chance for some major, lasting, fundamental change to happen.

That doesn't mean it'll be fun. Pluto is epic transformative power a la Shiva-Kali the destroyer. When Pluto squares Moon, there are often tears or manipulation. Square the Sun, there are ego blows and/or shifts in selfhood. Square Jupiter,there may be explosive changes involving religion/faith/hype/exaggeration and power. Square Saturn, there are fundamental changes to societal structures (government, banking,education, etc.). Square Uranus, there's friction between invention and what purpose those in charge will apply the invention toward (or,alternatively, political revolution). And anywhere we see Plutonic power at work, we'll find power struggles – friction – nearby.

You can see, too, how there could be friction in the motives of materialist, practical Capricorn in square to both airy, aesthetic Libra and oceanic, transcendental Pisces.T-Squares are so complicated because all of these energies contribute to the situation.

The work of Autumn will be deciding, be it through power struggle or negotiation, where things will go next – at both the macro and micro levels. There is a sea change happening as much in global politics as it is in our own households, careers, hobbies,and relationships.

Practical Application

To find out how this T-Square will play out in your own life, look at your natal chart and determine what houses it falls in. Those are the realms of your life that will be most affected. If you have planets at (or within a few degrees' orb of) any of these points, the transformative process will use those planetary archetypes as focal points in your life.

A way to release the pressure of T-Squares is to turn them into a square. In this case, find the empty point opposite Pluto: 02° Cancer. Activating the energy of this point will help act as a pressure release valve and decrease potential conflict. Cancer is all Lunar, nurturing energy, so in this case, cultivating Lunar, nurturing energy will ease the pressure of the T-Square so Pluto can do its work with less stress.

Mercury Quindeciles

The 165° aspect (called a quindecile,marked in green on the attached chart) denotes an obsessive-compulsive relationship between the planets involved. To give a hypothetical example, a quindecile between Venus and Saturn would indicate an obsession or compulsion between romance and authority. In real life, that might manifest as all-consuming affairs with authority figures, or maybe more healthily, becoming a romance novel publisher and proactively turning a natural tendency into a career. My point is that the compulsion is the very nature of the aspect. It doesn't go away with time; the key is to direct the energy into something healthy and positive. That's easier to manage in a Seasonal chart than a natal chart, thankfully, since it's much easier to face challenges like this knowing that in three months' time, the trend will be over and we'll have something different to deal with.

In the Autumn forecast chart, the planet Mercury is 165° from the Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron. (Chiron is a giant asteroid located between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and represents the wounded healer-archetype. It points to our deepest wounds – the buttons that unfailingly get pushed, no matter how many years pass – and to our greatest natural ability to help others.)

Mercury rules everything to do with communication, travel, and trade (mercury – mercantile –merchant). Mercury needs to debate, discuss, talk, and be heard. Now,briefly, the Moon needs to express her emotions. Jupiter needs to express absolute faith and belief. Uranus needs to create radical new inventions. Neptune needs to transcend consciousness. Chiron needs to heal and be healed. Our Autumn forecast gives us each of these in an obsessive-compulsive relationship with Mercury!

There will be speaking of feelings.There will be zealous proselytizing of beliefs – be them religious,political, legal, whatever gets a person's dander up. Uranus quindecile Mercury should give us contentious debate concerning new technology, and probably a lot of it will be communications-related(Internet networks count). It should also give us a tremendous discussion of all types of radicalism. Neptune quindecile Mercury,meanwhile, brings compulsive conversation on Neptunian subjects like addiction, metaphysics, and dreams is entirely likely. And for Chiron and Mercury, the focus is on publicizing medical breakthroughs on the grand scale and people talking about their ailments on the small.Mercury carries a caduceus in his iconography, incidentally, so there's some added weight to the possibilities for healing.

Also, nebulous Neptune doesn't lend itself terribly well to clear communication. Neptune expects you to know what she means, to share a vibe, to trip off into unrelated tangents, etc. That means the all of these discussions have a good chance of going off-track, or else getting delayed for clarification.Beyond language, Mercury energy encompasses travel & trade, too,so compulsions could manifest in any manner that Mercury energy does.

The biggest challenge, I think, lies in managing obsessions in Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus areas, because these planets are also absorbed in the Pluto T-Square. The Mercury quindeciles mean that Plutonic changes related to Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus issues will be notably louder than those related to Sun and Saturn (not more important, just louder).

Putting It All Together

Okay, in sum: we have Mercury obsession/compulsions. We have intense Plutonic changes at work. And we have a harmony-seeking Sun and transcendent-feeling Moon shining bright above us. What I see is:

1. A season chock full of people trying to persuade everyone else that their view is right, as
2. we all try to roll with the dramatic Plutonic shifts in our lives, all the while
3. struggling to balance the wish to make everyone happy with the need for practicality and progress.

Again, I think the best coping technique is to proactively establish and nurture the avenues in your life that you want potential changes to take. In other words, if Kali is going to knock down a wall of your home, it's preferable to choose the wall yourself first, take the opportunity to rearrange the thingsyou want to keep, and be ready to adapt to her changes when she has at it.


I do tend to focus these forecasts on challenges because challenges are challenging and being prepared makes facing them easier. There are PLENTY of happy things at work in this chart, too. Any time planets are in Libra, there's a spotlight on things that make us feel good, and even Saturn in Libra translates to good, productive creative work if you work with Saturn's comfort zone of schedules and responsibilities (schedule playdates for yourself!). Celebrate everything good, joyous, loving, fun,beautiful, energizing, and wonderful. I hope you all have a gorgeous Autumn!

I'm happy to answer questions if I can& I apologize that this is so enormously long. (I detect a certain Neptune-Mercury compulsion at play!)


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Thanks & happy Autumn!