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I'm so sorry -- I started this last week, then took a break from editing to deal with some RL stuff and totally forgot to post. The midpoint of the season was early Saturday, but this forecast is good for the next six weeks until Solstice.

This forecast is for the second half of Winter in the northern hemisphere, second half of Summer in the southern )

Mark your calendars!

1. Spring/Autumn is coming!! Equinox is Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 1:14:25am EDT Washington, DC time -- 6 weeks away!

2. US Daylight Time takes effect Sunday, March 11, 2012, at 2:00 am.

3. And just 24 hours later, our next adventure with Mercury Retrograde begins: March 12th at 2:49am CDT (at 6°49' Aries). Merc returns to forward apparent motion on April 4th at 5:11am CDT (at 23°51' Pisces).
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Solstice is here!

Happy Yule!! Blessings of the Season to you and yours, and may the return of the light bring those of you in the northern hemisphere joy and prosperity. In the south, may Summer's long growing season manifest in excellent harvests.

Yule Forecast )
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Forecast for the second half of Autumn in the northern hemisphere. )

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury stations retrograde in the wee hours of the morning on US Thanksgiving Day, November 24th. The day before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year, so I admit I'm a bit concerned -- it's less about the fact of Mercury being retrograde and more about how the transiting chart that CONTAINS Mercury retrograde interacts with your own natal chart. Some transits are harder than others. Regardless, we begin feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde about a week before the station. This time it will last until December 13th.

As always, Mercury Retrograde is a time to... )

But as in nearly everything, patience and good preparation will help smooth the way.

Yule is coming!
Yule is exact on December 22 at 00:30:03am EST, or December 21 at 11:30:03pm CST.

Happy six weeks until Yule! If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do what I can to answer them.

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EDIT, November 2010:
Astrology posts will be public, but other content will remain locked. Comment to be added. :)
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The Autumn Equinox Forecast

(Covering the period from September 23, 2011 to December 22, 2011)

I never finished the forecast for the second half of summer – it got too long and complicated and I eventually ran out of steam, by which point it seemed too late to post. It's here, still unfinished, if you want to read and see how far from the mark I was. *g*

The Autumn Equinox Forecast )
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This was written at the beginning of August, but never completed because my life took a turn for the overwhelming and I just had no energy for it. I'm posting it as-is – i.e. unfinished, unrevised for clarity, etc. – essentially as a forecast accuracy check.

Forecast for the Second Half of Summer, 2011 )
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Busy, busy bees!  The second Spring Forecast

So, while I was busy doing other things, I forgot to write up the forecast for the second half of spring.  Am I surprised?  Not really!  The astro-weather is FULL of action-action-action, and I suspect we all have rather a lot on our plates right now.

Beltane forecast )
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Imbolc Forecast: the second half of Winter -- plus the Sabian Symbols of the points involved

Short forecast )

Long forecast )

Sabian Symbols )

As always, if you have questions, please let me know!
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Note: as today is January 9th, this is extremely belated. I began work on this write-up back in late November, but real life, illness, and other obligations conspired against me posting before now. With any luck, I'll have the Imbolc forecast up before it is exact, at 10:33pm CST February 3rd, 2011.

Capricorn Ingress of the Sun
Dec 21, 2010
5:38:28pm CST
San Antonio, TX

Happy Yule! This is the seasonal forecast for the entire Winter Season in the northern hemisphere. The Autumn season has been full of obsessions involving Mercury and Pluto energy. For better or worse, the coming winter has a very different feel.

Our winter chart )

In short:
The major theme of the Winter season will be serious struggles between solar (ego, active) and political powers on one hand and high-profile needful/feminine/nurturing/home-based energies on the other. The tension is mediated to some degree by a higher-minded encouragement to see the battle for control as a problem that affects ALL of us and serves no one well.

And now the long version: )
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Heya, I meant to post on this a couple of days ago, but my life has been full to bursting of chaos for the past several weeks. I'll be posting a Yule seasonal forecast for all of the winter season, but I'll talk briefly about eclipses now.

Total eclipses of the moon are pretty rare. We get a lot of annular (partial) eclipises, but for the Earth's shadow to completely encompass the Moon is a marvel of orbital dynamics. As such, eclipses correspond to big, life-changing impacts on our lives that span six months to a year.

Tonight's eclipse reaches totality at 29°22' Gemini. This is the very last degree of Gemini and very nearly the beginning of Cancer. The totality of the eclipse is also the Full Moon in Gemini, with the Sun still in Sagittarius up until Yule itself tomorrow evening.

To find out how you're going to be affected by the eclipse )
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Astrological Samhain

Sunday, November 7, 2010
6:42:30am CST
San Antonio, TX

This chart will be good from Nov 7 until Yule )
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The Seasonal Forecast
by Sage

Before I get to the Autumn forecast, let me mention the Full Moon of this Thursday, September 23, exact at4:17am, at 00:15° Aries. All full moons are Sun-Moon oppositions,with the Sun directing light onto the Moon from 180° away and revealing her secrets. As with all oppositions, there's an inherent contest between the two energies involved. The Sun is ego, attention,and activity; the Moon encompasses feelings, nurturing, and women. When people act a little lunatic at the full moon, it's frequently due to trouble integrating these heightened energies. Please note, however, that it will be Thursday before Moon will reach the warrior sign of Aries. For the purposes of this Autumn forecast, she's still in floaty, permeable Pisces. This means the general attitude of people will be overwhelmingly Piscean for the entire Autumn season.

The Seasonal Forecast )
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Mercury rules EVERYTHING that has to do with communication, travel, and the smooth running of normal processes, up to and including low current electricity. If something is due for maintenance, or maybe was due to be fixed a few months ago but it got forgotten, it will frequently make itself known during a mercury retrograde period.Read more... )
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Fall into Fall! This is a seasonal forecast for the entire season until Winter Solstice in December.

(Sorry, this one's especially long because there's a new-to-me configuration I wanted to work through. The long bit in brackets will probably not make much sense. That's okay! *g*)

To the Forecast! )

Happy Equinox!
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I should have run this chart two weeks ago, but I didn't even think about it until this morning. So much for using the chart as a predictive tool, but at least it's a graphic representation of what's going on.

planetary snapshot )
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