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As a predictive chart, this covers the time period from June 21 to September 22, when the Sun enters Libra.

Summer Solstice (or Winter if you're in the Antipodes)
June 21, 2009 (Sunday)
12:45:32am CDT
San Antonio, TX

View the Chart Here. 

The Forecast
Okay, here we are in the Season of Water in the northern hemisphere (Antipodeans may wish to switch the elements, so Winter is the Season of Earth).  Allow me to sneak in a brief primer on the elements, so we're all clear on the associations below:

Fire:  energy, spark, drive, creation, momentum.  Season=spring.
Water:  emotions, mothering, nesting, sharing.  Season=summer.
Air:  ideas, analysis, revision, genius.  Season=autumn.
Earth:  being grounded in reality, sensuality, physicality, collecting.  Season=winter.

Big Issues

• The Sun and Pluto are having a major conflict.  The sun is the ego and Pluto represents clearing out the old and bringing in a completely new way of doing things, especially via power plays and manipulation.  The Sun's located in the house of home and homeland, while Pluto is up in the house of career and authority.  Thus, I would expect extreme "restructuring" in any and all systems that have an authority/subordinate relationship.  Corporate restructuring, obviously, but also changes in parenting styles and a sort of crisis of self-hood as far as what you've done with your life and how on earth you're going to manage the changes that the world apparently deems necessary.  Also, this opposition is happening in one of those places in the chart that indicate high publicity, so it may well be that every news item and every bit of gossip you hear has a similar theme.

• The Moon and Mercury are closeted away from each other, not interacting with any other planets.  The Moon represents what we need, emotionally, and Mercury is our need and ability to communicate.  They're in Gemini in the 3rd house of communication, so it's exceptionally easy to talk about one's feelings this season.  And talk.  And talk.  The trouble is the lack of connection to other planets:  it takes connection to turn talk into action, and we don't have it.  We're all at risk of gross oversharing, rambling on and on about nothing, and writing things that bear far more emotional weight than normal.  Interestingly, the Moon-Mercury conjunction has a square to the Ascendant (our public face), and so we may be saved from inflicting TMI on people by considering our audience.  (On the other hand, the Ascendant is in Pisces, sign of nebulous boundaries and interpersonal melding, so perhaps it's just as well to resign ourselves to three months of intimate talk.)

• Saturn is in the 7th house of Relationships, opposing the Ascendant.  Saturn is our sense of self-discipline and the authority figure who nails us when we fail to hold up to our responsibilities.  In the 7th house, this points to problems in relationships based on one partner failing to do what s/he promised the other partner, and it reflecting badly on both of them.  On the bright side, it's a good time to do constructive work on relationships.  Maintain the foundations of your marriage now and reap the benefits later...even if it feels like you're preparing taxes or trying to please your mother in law.  It'll pay off in the longterm.

Over all, it's a chart dominated by air and earth, ideas and practicality.  There is almost no fire (forward momentum) and exceptionally little water (emotional support) for a chart ushering in the watery season.  

Interesting at the most literal level, it's also an el niño year, meaning there's a significant drop in Atlantic tropical storms/hurricanes, while we expect a comparatively wet autumn and winter season to come.  Right now in South Texas, we're parched dry from the drought and record heat.  Water restrictions have plants dying everywhere.  Crops are a statewide loss.  The news says farmers won't receive federal aid until sometime in the fall (when it will be laughably too late), and so forth.  Join me in a rain dance or two? *g*

Summer/Winter ends and Autumn/Spring begins September 22.

Questions & comments are always welcome.

{Note:  I also post forecasts on my LJ, where I have friends in Australia and New Zealand, hence the references to the Southern Hemisphere.}


eep:  a correction ---

• The Moon and Mercury are closeted away *together*, not interacting with any other planets.

Sorry for any confusion!
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