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This year, Autumn begins with Sun entering LIBRA on Tuesday, Sept 22 at 10:09pm CDT.  That is the exact moment of Mabon, if you need to know it for ritual.

NOTE:  Mercury and Pluto both go direct between now and then (9/12, in Virgo & 9/13, in Capricorn), so this year's entire Autumn season (season of air) will come loaded with an extra heavy dose of shiny new EARTHY transformative energy.  And, yes, this is a little weird.

My thoughts on how to cope:  Expect material shifts in your life.  They'll be easier if you take the proverbial bull by the horns (like an ancient Minoan bull jumper) and use the momentum for your own benefit:  Create material shifts in your life so that the energy has a readymade path to travel instead of letting it run rampant.  This is an ideal time to start end-of-summer cleaning, take those accumulated bags of junk to Goodwill, sell or otherwise get rid of the physical objects you don't need, till the summer-crispy plants under and plant a fall garden, shore up your finances (such as you're able) to roll with the Capricornian changes, etc.  There will still be significant, deep-seated shifts with regard to material STUFF, communication and travel, and the fundamental structures of things, but you can ease the effects on your immediate life by opening pathways and directing the energy in the ways you WANT it to move.

Like I said above, this will be a prevailing theme for the entire season (until Yule), and a lot of the work required is an ongoing process, but physically establishing these paths between now and Equinox (Mabon, Sept 22) will ease the way quite a bit.

Note: if you're more familiar with Tarot than astrology, you can compare the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) to the suit of Pentacles/Coins.  Capricorn is roughly equal to enterprise, beginnings, corporate structure, tradition & wealth.  Taurus is about physical pleasure, fecundity & material stuff.  Virgo deals with trade, precision, revising, adapting, sculpting, and -- on a grand scale -- the earthy motions of lava, earthquakes, mudslides, etc.  Also, the specific transformative energies this post is about will be felt more intensely by people with significant Virgo and Capricorn and/or Mercury and Saturn and/or 6th and 10th House emphasis in their natal charts.  If you need a copy of your natal chart, you can get a free one at or

I'm happy to answer questions as I'm able. :)

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

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