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Mercury is retrograde until May 30 (8:22pm CDT). That means it's time to go back and take care of things that fell through the cracks. Car maintenance, paying bills, forgotten commitments, etc. Double check assumptions, leave extra time & be extra patient.

The midpoint of spring/autumn (seasonal Beltane/Samhain) was exact May 5 (3:51am CDT). I've run a chart and I'll probably write a forecast, but to sum up: it's 6 weeks of male ego vs. women and change -- and a whole lot of talking. So, yeah, it could be much worse. Knock wood.
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March 20, 2009
6:43:27am CDT
San Antonio, TX

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The astrological clock

Right now, the biggest thing going on is this: Saturn retrograde in
Virgo is opposing the Uranus-Venus conjunction in Pisces, which is
drawing a sextile the Mars-Mercury retrograde conjunction in Capricorn
AND a semi-square from Jupiter in Aquarius.

In English, that means )
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For people working with the solar seasonal calendar: astrological (as opposed to traditional) samhain (sáh-wen), when the Sun hits the midpoint of the season of autumn is next Thursday, November 6, 1008; 7:10:34pm CST.

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This is the day the sun will line up with the pointer stones at ruins like Stonehenge, various pyramids, etc. -- with small allowances made for equinoctal precession since their construction (the millenial wobble of the earth's rotation that makes Polaris only sometimes our north pole star). A chart like this can be used to predict the general tone of the coming six weeks, until the next solstice or cross-quarter point. (If you want to learn more, google "mundane astrology". Mundane means worldly or political in this context, as opposed to the usual personal or psychological astrology.)

Of note in the chart: deeply snarky brilliance, misogyny, dramatic and rapid change, great faith in the law, continuing conflict between the old guard and new. On this last, the Saturn-Uranus opposition has been the defining aspect of the past year and will last through most of the next two years, too. It's the culture gap, in a nutshell, and it will remain a high profile topic for the duration of this chart, if not the dominant theme of American life until 2011.

The next seasonal chart will be Winter Solstice, December 21, 6:04am CST.

merc ret

Sep. 22nd, 2008 01:08 am
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Mercury will station (i.e. appear to stop) and begin to go retrograde in the wee hours of this Wednesday, September 24 at 2:17 am Central time. The degree of the station is 22°50' Libra, so if you have any natal planets in this position or making hard aspects to it, you may feel especially like other people are suddenly speaking a different language.

Do remember that Libra is not the sign of balance -- Libra is the sign whose challenge is to FIND balance. Libra flipflops between extremes until it makes the concerted effort to practice holding the balance steady. Mercury skating backwards through Libra will be a madcap ride. Try to laugh, be patient, and reconfirm all your plans three times before taking action. :)

Mercury will be retrograde until October 15. For more information on merc ret, you can start at my last post on it and work backwards by tag. :)

Happy Equinox!
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Ever wonder what it feels like when Mercury slows down to a station and starts to go retrograde? Well, you're feeling it. Mercury stations on Monday the 28th and stays retrograde until February 18th. Three weeks to the day.

Mercury Retrograde astronomy and astrology )

Also, for those of us who watch the course of the year: Imbolc (Groundhog Day) is coming up on February 2. The seasonal crossquarter is exact on February 4, 2008 at 5:00:14 (that's 5:00am and 14 seconds) Central time, and the year will be one eighth gone. (It's a wacky chart this time. I'll do a write-up for it soon.)


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