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Solstice is here!

Happy Yule!! Blessings of the Season to you and yours, and may the return of the light bring those of you in the northern hemisphere joy and prosperity. In the south, may Summer's long growing season manifest in excellent harvests.

Capricorn Ingress of the Sun
December 22, 2011
00:30:03am EST
Washington, DC

The Sun enters Capricorn at 11:30pm local time for me, which is 12:30am on the east coast.

Sun is at 0° Capricorn
Moon is at 26° Scorpio
The Ascendant of the US chart is at 4° Libra

Remember, the house positions for this chart are set for the US Capitol, but if you redraw the chart for the capitol of your country, you'll have a better idea of what parts of life (which houses) the prevailing themes will be taking place in for your region.

Major themes:

Mercury is peregrine & Pluto is ALMOST peregrine. Together, they're the two least aspected planets, so we have two squeaky wheels that are wanting the grease. Mercury is communication, travel, the Internet, and commerce. Pluto is power, eros, espionage, secrets, manipulation, deal-brokering, etc. Regardless of where you are, themes having to do with these archetypes will be pervading the winter months.

Mercury is in early Sagittarius, in the US 3rd house of communication, early education, and siblings, anda its only aspect is to the lunar node axis of fate. I rather expect a conversation to arise about major education reform. With Jupiter on the cusp of the 8th, I suspect Student Loan Debt reform will be the spearhead.

Pluto, meanhwile, is loosely conjunct the Sun in Capricorn at the cusp of the 4th house of home and nurturing family. The Sun shines a spotlight and makes homelife an ego issue. Pluto brings revolutionary change and renewal. Together, secrets may come to light that turn the house upside down...or, alternately, you might totally redecorate your house and get rid of all the old crap with bad memories attached. The goal is to increase your sense of personal stability and growth. This is about giving yourself a firm foundation to move forward from, so don't be afraid to use the Winter to declutter in preparation for Spring.

Obsessive-Compulsive trends

We have 3 significant quindecile aspects in this chart, the ones that indicate obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

First, Sun is quindecile the South Lunar Node. This comes down to a conflict between being who you are and needing to feel acknowledged FOR who you are now VERSUS the pull of the past, of the mother, of old patterns that are all too easy to rely on instead of moving forward into the lessons of this life. An equal awareness of both sides is the ideal.

Second, Mars is quindecile to Chiron. On one hand, we have Mars: ready for action, impatient, agitated, assertive, energetic, lustful, violent. On the other hand, we have Chiron: the embodiment of our deepest wounds and our greatest ability to heal others; compassionate wisdom learned at the cost of our own well-being. The conflict here is between warrior and wounded.

Last, we have another quindecile between Mars and Uranus. Mars remains as above. Uranus is the rebel-genius, wanting to push aside old ways to make room for innovation. The conflict lies in breaking Mars' forward momentum to allow for upgrades and new ways of doing things. Or, conversely, to stop with the innovation long enough to get things done.

Other things you may feel:

A tug-o-war between Saturnian contraction and Jupiterian expansion.

Friction between who you believe you are and who others think you are.

Friction between ego and the prescribed new way of doing things.

Friction between the sexes.

Friction between emotional needs and health (mental, spiritual, and/or physical).

Uncertainty in relationships based in a "fools rush in" mentality, or what you think you're getting may not be what's actually on offer -- but oh it looks pretty!

Harmony between your sense of self-discipline, your ego, your imagination, and your ability to heal yourself.

Harmony between your sense of self and your faith in the universe and in hope.

Harmony between your emotional needs and your urge to change and reinvent yourself and the things in your life.

This forecast covers the entire three-month season of Winter/Summer from Solstice until Equinox. A midwinter/midsummer forecast (at Imbolc) will help clarify things for the second six weeks of the season.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
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