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The Autumn Equinox Forecast

(Covering the period from September 23, 2011 to December 22, 2011)

I never finished the forecast for the second half of summer – it got too long and complicated and I eventually ran out of steam, by which point it seemed too late to post. It's here, still unfinished, if you want to read and see how far from the mark I was. *g*

Libra Ingress of the Sun
Mabon 2011
September 23, 2011
5:04:38am EDT
Washington, DC

The Autumn Equinox chart (drawn for Washington, DC) is, at least on the surface, a terribly disorganized chart. The most overriding theme I feel confident in is the idea of a smokescreen – in which quite a lot of *stuff* is floating about in the air, masking the real action going on where no one can see.

- The only water sign occupied in this chart is Chiron retrograding itself out of Pisces. In Air: Sun, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, S. Node, the Midheaven. In Fire: Moon, Mars, Uranus, N. Node. In Earth: Ascendant, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter. The lack of occupied water signs means that emotional issues are due to take a breather this Fall, either through disinterest or an abundance of intellectualism.

- Moon in Leo (conjunct Mars!) is geared up for self-oriented ACTION, meaning, "I will do ____ because it makes ME feel better." This is quite the opposite of Cancer's usual caretaking attitude toward others, and it can contribute to ego-battles among competing interests. Rebellious Uranus is providing a helpful trine to Moon-Mars, thus providing an added jolt of fiery energy.

- Venus in her home sign of Libra is our least aspected planet, making her the squeaky wheel that gets (or at least needs) the grease. Issues of aesthetics, harmony, love, and relationship will be persistent. Balance is a challenge, because Libra is the only sign with no natural sense of balance: the point of Libra is to experience both extremes and then learn how to establish a happy medium. The sabian symbol for Venus' degree is, "A professor peering over his glasses," which could be read as someone looking up from one attention-absorbing task and addressing that level of deep analysis to the person or thing that caused the interruption. Venus is, always, passion, so this could be a very intense experience.

- The closest aspect in this entire chart is the obsessive quindecile between Saturn and Uranus. Over the past couple of years, Saturn and Uranus have been in 180° opposition to each other, but they've moved now to 165° apart. This quindecile aspect is one of complete obsessive-compulsion between the two parties involved: Saturnian structure, order, and stoicism vs. Uranian rebelliousness, genius, and outlandish behavior. It is, in short, the culture war. Uranus is in fiery, warlike Aries. Saturn is in airy, aesthetic Libra. As noted above, Libra is the sign without innate balance, so there may be a greater than usual level of flipflopping between Saturn and Uranus energies in our lives. Meaning, we're attached to our traditional ways of doing things, and yet we need change deeply. We may dither (and dither) on the best way to refresh and renew the parts of our lives affected here (for this: look up which houses contain 17 Libra and 2 Aries in your own natal charts). Saturn will resist permanent change, so consider ideas that can be easily reversed, at least at first.

All of the above is the smoke in the air. The action going on underneath is this:

- A major T-square configuration spans the chart from Sun and Mercury on the cusp of the 2nd house across to Uranus in Aries at the cusp of the 8th house, squared by Pluto in Capricorn on the cusp of the 5th house. Let's break it down.

Sun is at 0 Libra, as this is the moment of Equinox, when the sun enters Libra and Autumn in the northern hemisphere begins. Mercury is trailing by five degrees (in one of its home signs at 25 Virgo), but is close enough in orb to oppose Uranus, so we're including it in the T-square. Mercury brings detailed, Virgo energy and the Sun brings self-oriented energy for action, within the context of balance-seeking, aesthetic, relationship-craving Libra. The second house is what we own, what matters to us. Our self-worth, our personal financial assets, and how well we deal with our own money is the domain of the 2nd house. The sun sitting on the cusp of the 2nd shines the brightest possible spotlight on ALL these issues.

Uranus, as we said, is at the beginning of Aries and the 8th house of eros, death, arcane knowledge, secrets, creditors, debt, and other people's money. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, and they share all the same basic traits. Uranus is the revolutionary, of course, but it's presently retrograde. That means the Uranian tendency to catapult everything into turmoil is temporarily turned inward – retrograde energy is a meditation before action – so what we see here is the Sun shining a bright light on issues of personal money in the 2nd and other people's money in the 8th, and Uranus effectively taking a moment to study the situation before choosing which applecart to turn over next.

Now for Pluto. Pluto transforms. Pluto is the destroyer who then immediately begins to construct a new edifice on the foundations of the old. Pluto wrecks in order to rebuild stronger and better, or at least with a different founding theory. Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of cardinal Earth, the builder, the big-business entity, the sign ruled by Saturn and that creates corporate empires. Pluto is a power-broker, a heavyweight pundit, a political analyst who understands all the hidden secrets that are kept behind closed doors. Here in the first degrees of Capricorn, Pluto is representing both the power of big business itself and the steamroller crushing the entrenched practices of big business. Interestingly, there's an empowering trine from the Great Benefic Jupiter in Taurus to Pluto, strengthening Pluto's position as the apex between Sun-Mercury and Uranus.

Remember that our house positions in this chart are drawn for Washington, DC., so this chart is indicative of the mood of the United States for the three months of the Autumn season. In this chart, Pluto is positioned on the cusp between the 4th and the 5th house. The 4th is the national homeland. The 5th is the realm of society in general, children, and popular entertainment. When we say, "What is society coming to?", we're looking at 5th house issues.

So, our basic themes are the Solar spotlight on the lack of harmony, the turmoil in the economy, and the struggle to find a business solution that provides for everyone. The resolution to all T-squares resides in the empty space opposing the apex, in this case 4 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is the caretaker, she who DOES look out for the kids, who nurtures and protects. THAT energy is exactly what will take the pressure off the three points of the T-square and provide a way out of the gridlock.

Now, to transfer this down to the personal level from the political, the best thing to do is lay the Equinox chart over your own natal chart, matching up the degrees, and look at where these transiting planets are located. If your natal Ascendant is in early Virgo, as in this chart. But if you have early Leo rising, then the struggle might be in the realms of communication, your workplace, and the law/higher education. The struggle for transformation would be the same, but the stage sets (houses) are personal to YOUR chart.

Cultivating Cancer energy, regardless of what house Cancer falls in in your own chart, will be of great benefit to EVERYONE.

For a free copy of your chart, check out or You'll need your exact date, time, and place of birth.

Upcoming events:

Yule is December 22, 2011 at 00:30:03am EST, (that is, December 21, 11:30:03pm Central time).

The third and final Mercury retrograde of 2011 lasts from November 24 (2:19am EST) to December 13 (8:43pm EST).

Partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon November 25 (1:20am EST) at 02°38 Sagittarius.

Total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon December 10 (9:32am EST) at 18°08 Gemini.

Eclipses bring shifts and challenges to beliefs and values – on a fairly large scale with solar eclipses, more subtly with lunar ones. If you have natal points at or very near these degrees, you might want to prepare for a need to adapt to new circumstances.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do what I can to answer them.

Many thanks and to all of you a happy, bountiful, and blessed Autumn season! And a bright, happy Spring, for those of you in the southern hemisphere!
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