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Busy, busy bees!  The second Spring Forecast

So, while I was busy doing other things, I forgot to write up the forecast for the second half of spring.  Am I surprised?  Not really!  The astro-weather is FULL of action-action-action, and I suspect we all have rather a lot on our plates right now.

The Sun hit 15° Taurus, the midpoint of Spring & actual solar Beltane on May 5 at 4:23:13pm EDT.  I'm casting the chart for Washington, DC. again, because that seems to be working.  This forecast is good from May 5 to June 21, 2011.

The overwhelming feature of this chart is the FIVE planets in Aries.  Slow-moving Uranus is grinding through the early degrees of the sign, but Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are making one big stellium of blended planetary energy.  Thus, take all our relationship needs; our communication and travel needs; our needs for faith, hope, religion, and trust in the law; and our needs to express energy, drive, ambition, competition, sexual urges, self-assertion, and rage, and combine them into one big pulsing mass.

Next, dress it in warrior!Aries.  Think for a moment what your personal Aries costume looks like.  What do you wear to stand up for yourself, to go after what you want, to defend what you love, to jump into the race with an intent to win?  These four planets are wearing this costume, and while they're all in Aries, it's defining their mood and motivation on a fundamental level.

Next, recall that Uranus is in Aries, too.  It also gets a warrior!costume, so Uranus' constant undercurrent of innovation, idealism, and radical ideology is energized toward real-world action.

All of these planets are located in the 7th house of the Beltane chart cast for Washington, DC.  The 7th house is the stage-set where all our relationship dramas involving our intimate friends, lovers, and enemies are played out.  This is no place for casual acquaintances; but rather it's a place for deep love and deep hatred.  With Aries on the cusp of the 7th, the whole mood of the six-week period from Beltane to Summer Solstice will be one of incredible ACTIVITY in relationships – at least for people living in the United States.  Uranus on the cusp indicates it's a time of reevaluating all relationships, period, for better or worse.  The stellium, meanwhile, is made of inner planets only – personal planets, that describe our personal individual needs instead of broader societal needs – and so big changes in the ways we do relationships will be the major theme in our lives until Midsummer.

There are a couple of difficulties.  First, Saturn is in the first house, wearing Libra, making a quindecile (the aspect of obsessive compulsion) to Mars.  Libra wants harmony and love, but it has no natural sense of balance; it's all or nothing, from one extreme to the other, as it strives to hold the center.  Meanwhile, the first house is the stage-set of being in the spotlight, whether you want to be or not.  (People notice you when there are major transits to your personal Ascendant degree.)  At any rate, this configuration indicates a compulsion between focusing on a well-disciplined self (or the rules which WE define and want to inflict on others) and the stellium of activity in our relationships.

As far as outlets for the tension, we'd normally look to the rulers of the signs for clues.  The ruler of Libra is Venus, which is in Aries.  And the ruler of Aries is Mars, which is also in Aries.  Add to that the fact that Saturn is presently retrograde and in a relatively quiet, inward-focused state, and I think the action-oriented end of the compulsion is going to win the day.

The other difficulty is that the Sun in this chart is peregrine. Peregrine planets are those which have no major (Ptolemaic) aspects to other planets in the chart, and they tend to dominate the conversation the planets are constantly having with one another.  The Sun, of course, represents our ego needs and our personal energy toward getting ALL of our archetypal needs met (as represented by the planets).  The Sun is wearing a costume that befits lush, fertile, stable, musical, earthy Taurus.  Think green, growing things, Ferdinand the Bull in his pasture of cork trees and flowers, voluptuous Earth goddesses, curvaceous opera stars, round-bodied cellos and guitars, and so forth.

With no aspects to other planets, the Sun is reveling in Taurean energy.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is highly energized while it's in this stellium, and this serves to further amplify the Taurus energy the Sun is basking in.

In the end, this peregrine Sun may be the very best outlet possible for the Saturn-Aries Stellium obsessive complex.  Taurus is the sign of fixed earth, which is about stability and steady pacing.  Aries is cardinal fire, which is about the transient flash-spark of inspiration, bursts of temper, and new beginnings. 

The downside of a peregrine Sun in Taurus is a tendency to unrepentant stubbornness, an excessive interest in material wealth and trinkets (to the point of accruing needless debt), and a refusal to adapt to new circumstances.  It's very important in this time to attempt to strive for balance.

Another long-term astrological weather pattern is that Pluto in Capricorn is square Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries.  The Saturn-Uranus opposition is over – they're both too far out of orb from each other now for this configuration to be a  T-Square – but they're each close enough to 90° of Pluto's position for there to be a fundamental undercurrent of friction between the archetypes of Discipline and order, power and politics, and innovation and revolution.

Last, Moon is in Gemini, so the way we deal with our emotional needs will be far more talkative than usual for the next several weeks.

Summer Solstice is exact on June 21, 2011 at 1:15:30pm EDT in Washington, DC.  (That's 12:16pm Central time.)

If you have any questions, please let me know!

p.s. I should have mentioned, also, that everyone ought to look at where Aries is in their own chart, because that house will be hosting all the energy for action and reevaluation -- on a personal scale -- that everyone in the US is generally feeling about relationships. This is the difference between personal astro-weather and national astro-weather.

If you're outside the US, the trick is to relocate the chart for your capital city at the moment the Sun reaches 15° Taurus (move the time zone appropriately and enter time & place at a free site like The house Aries falls in will tell you which stage-set on which the focus of action and reevaluation in your country will play out.

Date: 2011-05-08 04:14 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kalena
Wow. I don't even know what to THINK about that. Being an Aries, and all. I feel like TEH CRAZY actually settled DOWN after March, and things have been lots better.

I guess I'll find out!


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