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Note: as today is January 9th, this is extremely belated. I began work on this write-up back in late November, but real life, illness, and other obligations conspired against me posting before now. With any luck, I'll have the Imbolc forecast up before it is exact, at 10:33pm CST February 3rd, 2011.

Capricorn Ingress of the Sun
Dec 21, 2010
5:38:28pm CST
San Antonio, TX

Happy Yule! This is the seasonal forecast for the entire Winter Season in the northern hemisphere. The Autumn season has been full of obsessions involving Mercury and Pluto energy. For better or worse, the coming winter has a very different feel.

In short:
The major theme of the Winter season will be serious struggles between solar (ego, active) and political powers on one hand and high-profile needful/feminine/nurturing/home-based energies on the other. The tension is mediated to some degree by a higher-minded encouragement to see the battle for control as a problem that affects ALL of us and serves no one well.

And now the long version:The overwhelming theme of the winter chart is opposition and friction. Among the planets, Chiron, the Ascendant, and the Midheaven, we have six opposition (180°), six squares (90°), and six conjunctions (0°) – all of which resonate on the 4th harmonic of conflict and discord. There are even more when we include the lunar node axis, but I'll get to that later down the page. The important thing to realize is conflict can be awesome – it's the essential ingredient to any good story, after all – but conflict demands change, action, and development, whether we're ready for it or not. And this winter promises a lot of opportunities to work on our ability to manage conflict.

As I've said before, oppositions are like playing tug-o-war. Both players agree that they're holding a rope between them and are vying for control of said rope. With twelve signs, the astrology chart contains six natural oppositions. The one that's really important to us now is the Cancer-Capricorn opposition. Consider the energies of this for a moment. Cancer is lunar, nurturing, maternal, nesting, protective, and insular. It is the natural sign of the 4th house of home and hearth and it's ruled by the Moon. The costume a planet would wear while passing through Cancer might be flowy and white, going with the lunar aspect, OR it could be closer to an earth-mother, with an apron and fresh-baked-bread and baby on her hip.

180° across the chart from it is Capricorn. Its energies are outward-focused, paternal, structured, organized, goal-focused, disciplined, and views things at a big-picture level. It is the natural sign of the Midheaven and the 10th house, and it is ruled by Saturn. The costume a planet would wear while passing through Capricorn might be a corporate power suit with briefcase, boardroom-smile, and sensible shoes.

The lunar nodes are mathematical points where the plane of the moon's orbit intersects the plane of the earth's orbit around the sun. The North Node corresponds to our mission in life; the South Nodes corresponds to past life lessons learned. In the transiting chart, the nodal axis corresponds to mother/maternal/lunar relationships. When the lunar axis is part and parcel of a major astrological configuration, it means that our collective mother-issues and sense of purpose on a larger scale are tied into everything that's going on.

The Moon is the most important point in our charts because she represents what we need, full-stop. The Sun is the energy we have to get those needs met, but the Moon is ALL ABOUT what we need, what we feel, what we want, what we instinctively reach for. If you read horoscopes, always read your Moon sign.

So, at Yule, the Moon, wearing Cancer, is opposed the conjunction of Mars, Pluto, and the North Node in Capricorn. Conjunctions blend energy, so take a moment to think about Active!Warrior!Mars and Conniving!Power-hungry!Pluto merging with our collective sense of larger purpose. That's a very powerful configuration. The opposition to the Moon puts it at odds with our emotional sensibility on one level, and represents a gendered conflict between men and women, with Mars violence and Pluto control-issues coming into direct conflict with women who are highly visible (because the Moon, as the archetypal female, is in the 1st house of being seen by others). As a side note, in political astrology, the Moon represents the People of a nation, while Pluto is secret political maneuvering and Mars is the military/violence.

Now, the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn are also conjunct and opposed the Ascendant in Cancer. The Ascendant is the degree on the eastern horizon at the moment the chart is cast, so the energy is very "Look! This is brand new!" That energy then gets mirrored onto the point directly opposite, so, here, we become very aware of the Sun and Pluto. The Sun is the energy we have to get our needs met, and in conjunction with Pluto, Sun becomes very much about exercising power over one's life. The Sun itself is far enough out of orb that it is no longer in opposition to the Moon (the total lunar eclipse was about 15 hours earlier), but Pluto still is – therefore the combination of Ascendant-awareness and Pluto's conflict with the Moon draw the Sun into the fray, to shine yet more light on the conflict.

Now for the squares. The great thing about oppositions is that both parties involved in the tug-o-war agree that they're playing the same game, vying for control over the same rope. With 90° aspects, however, we aren't so lucky. 90° connections have their signs mode in common: that is, cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are all Cardinal signs, and their energy is all about initiating action, beginning projects, etc. But at 90° apart, two planets have ZERO consensus as to why they're in conflict. They're not on the same page; they're not even in the same book, although – because they have mode in common – they can both agree that they're at least in a library. A problem happens when a planet is at the beginning or end of one sign, and still in close-enough orb to make a square with a planet in a different mode. For example, below, Jupiter is in late Pisces, but the Sun is at the beginning of Capricorn. Pisces is in the mutable mode (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), while Capricorn is cardinal. As far as the Sun in Capricorn is concerned, Jupiter in Pisces might as well be in outer space.

Squares indicate friction. When someone rubs you the wrong way for no reason you can tell, there's almost certainly a square between your charts. The only way to deal with squares is to make adjustments until you can find a compromise, usually through the outlet of another square/opposition. The challenge is as inevitable as the heroine facing danger in an action movie; the outcome depends entirely on how she chooses to deal with it.

Mars in Capricorn is being squared by Saturn in Libra. So, see warrior!Mars in his power-suit standing at cross-purposes to disciplinarian!Saturn, who is wearing artistic, lovely Libra. Libra is about relationships and harmony, but it also has no natural sense of balance, darting from one extreme to the next in no time at all. Saturn, as an archetype, is ill-suited to Libra, while Mars is very well suited to Capricorn. That means Mars is going to have the upper hand in any dealings with Saturn because Saturn has such a hard time consistently enforcing its rules while it's wearing Libra.

With Mars' energy getting blended in with Pluto's will-to-power because of their conjunction, what happens is that Saturn has a lot of trouble reining Mars in.

Next, Jupiter and Uranus in a conjunction together and are both wearing Pisces – sign of oceanic merging of all things. Imagine flowy ethereal robes or mermaid/merman outfits or neoprene wetsuits and surfboards, along with sun- and salt-baked headspace. Jupiter as an archetype is an amplifier, a preacher, a lawyer, a professor, and good luck personified; it is the essence of dialing something up to eleven, of being full of hot air, of zealotry and fervor, and of hope. Uranus as an archetype is a revolutionary genius who thinks out of the box, is ahead of her time, masters cutting edge technology, and sees the meanings behind the air that no one else really gets. Uranus is impatient for change and doesn't really care that no one understands her.

Now, merge the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus: blend those energies. Now dress our favorite Genius Revolutionary and Optimistic Zealot in Pisces costumes, because they're ready to merge with all things. It's a heady combination, right? It's also a once-a-year happening, as Jupiter's orbital period takes it around the chart once per year.

Okay so, Jupiter and Uranus are both square the Sun and Mercury retrograde. We've talked about the Jupiter-Uranus blend, so let's take a moment to think about the Sun-Mercury retrograde blend. Sun is in Capricorn, but Mercury is in Sagittarius and moving backwards. That indicates a forward-focused, goal-oriented Sun mixed with communications energies that are busy going back and repairing past problems instead of standing up next to the Sun and serving as official press secretary. Also, Mercury as an archetype comes pre-loaded with roller skates, carrying multiple iPhones and computers, but when he's wearing Sagittarius, he's also dressed as an arrow shot from an archer's bow, going-going-going-going-going who knows where or how fast. The fact that he's retrograde means he's doing all this while going backwards. Combine that with the Sun, and you get a lot of solar energy with very little forward momentum to apply toward progress.

Right, so take our Jupiter-Uranus blend and mix it, at 90°, with our Sun in its Capricorn power-suit. The Sun is our energy and ego, remember, so the square could be taken as a challenge to our egos by the Revolutionary Genius from Outer Space – if we were to take it personally, that is. If we step back for a moment, we can maybe stop and rethink the way we use our energy, especially when the Sun is wearing goal-oriented Capricorn. Capricorn contains all the best and worst of the corporate mentality, and the Pisces archetype necessarily challenges the Capricorn archetype to stop and consider what the greater implications of its actions are for EVERYONE.

(As a side note, Jupiter is out of orb, but Uranus in Pisces is also square the Nodes and the Ascendant. The North Node is in Capricorn and the South Node and the Ascendant are in Cancer. This is the axis we talked about above, so putting Rebel-Genius Uranus into the mix serves to give an outlet to the tension in the big Cancer-Capricorn opposition. It's underlining that the big picture is a LOT bigger than the tug-o-war they're all focusing on.)

This configuration we've been talking about is called a T-Square, where both ends of an opposition are squared by one planet or grouping (stellium). T-Squares tend to suck up all the energy in a chart because SO MUCH focus goes to managing and trying to balance the difficult, three-way relationship. The solution to dealing with T-Squares is to look at the (empty) corner that would turn the triangle into a grand square. In this case, it's the area at the end of Virgo and beginning of Libra that opposes Jupiter-Uranus and squares the Ascendant, Moon, Sun, and Pluto. Virgo is in the mutable mode and addresses our need to be correct, specific, and appropriate. Libra, again, is cardinal and is invested in harmony and relationships and struggles to achieve and maintain equilibrium. When we actively do things to encourage the Virgo and Libra archetypes, we trigger a pressure-valve for the T-Square and provide an out-point for a great deal of that tension.

To do this in your own life, look at the place in your own chart where 25° Virgo to 5° Libra falls. What house does this ten-degree span occupy? What you want to do is take some actions in your life suitable to Virgo and Libra energy (organized, aesthetic) that also are appropriate to the house. For example, if this area is in your 1st house, consider getting your hair cut or reworking your wardrobe. If it's in your 4th house, consider a good, thorough housecleaning and/or rearranging furniture. If it's in your 7th house, consider what you can do in your intimate relationships to increase courtesy and harmony. If it's in your 12th house, look at your involvement with institutions (hospitals, etc.) and your own long-term health issues, and see what can be done to bring positive energy in.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Also, with any luck, my health will be sturdy enough to allow me to do consultations. If you're interested, drop me a line at sageness at
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