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Heya, I meant to post on this a couple of days ago, but my life has been full to bursting of chaos for the past several weeks. I'll be posting a Yule seasonal forecast for all of the winter season, but I'll talk briefly about eclipses now.

Total eclipses of the moon are pretty rare. We get a lot of annular (partial) eclipises, but for the Earth's shadow to completely encompass the Moon is a marvel of orbital dynamics. As such, eclipses correspond to big, life-changing impacts on our lives that span six months to a year.

Tonight's eclipse reaches totality at 29°22' Gemini. This is the very last degree of Gemini and very nearly the beginning of Cancer. The totality of the eclipse is also the Full Moon in Gemini, with the Sun still in Sagittarius up until Yule itself tomorrow evening.

To find out how you're going to be affected by the eclipse, you look at two things: your planets and houses. You look at your planets to find out if any of them are being directly triggered by the eclipse. To do so: refer to your natal chart and look for planets within five or so degrees on both sides of 29° Gemini, that is, from 24° Gemini all the way to 4° Cancer. (If you print a copy, you can mark this range with a highlighter.)

THEN, look for planets at a 90° and 180° angle to this range (and mark those with a highlighter). Conjunctions, squares, and oppositions are the most challenging aspects, so if you have natal planets that are in the highlighted ranges of the chart, then THOSE archetypes are going to have starring roles in the areas of your life most impacted by the eclipse.

The second thing we look at is the house in your natal chart where the eclipse falls. 29 Gemini may fall in the middle of a house or it may be on the cusp between houses. If it's within 5 degrees of the start of a new house, you read it as being on the cusp, as if standing in the doorway between two adjacent rooms and interacting in both of them at the same time.

Remember the houses are the stage sets for different areas of our lives.

If you have natal planets being activated by the eclipse, you look at their houses too, since those parts of your life will be affected, too.

Eclipses' effects last for SIX months.

Lunar eclipses resonate on a soul-growth level, and the placement in Gemini tells us that all of us (everywhere on earth) are in for an intensive course in interpersonal communications. The TYPE of communication depends entirely on what house 29 Gemini is in in your chart.

Here's a quick guide to the houses:
1. Outward appearance to others
2. What you value in yourself, your own possessions
3. Communication, early childhood, siblings
4. Home of origin, mother/nurturer-parent, your current home
5. Children, creativity, sex-for-play
6. Daily work, pets, short term illness
7. Close relationships (friends, lovers, enemies)
8. Eros, death, religious mysteries, other people's money (money you owe, inheritance)
9. Higher education, religion, the law
10. Career, father/authoritarian parent, authority in general
11. Friends and allies (acquaintances, not intimates)
12. Mysteries (things you don't understand), karma, long-term illness, hospitals, institutions

So, again, find 29 Gemini in your chart, find its house, find any planets in the highlighted ranges for conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, and find THEIR houses. These are the areas of your life that will be living the crash-course in communication skills until Summer Solstice.

Note, I only point out the challenging aspects (0-90-180) because the easy ones (60-120) are EASY! People don't need to take conscious preventative measures against easy, beneficial aspects -- you just enjoy the blessings! However, if you want to mark the areas for sextiles and trines, count out 60 degrees from 29 Gemini on each side (Aries and Leo), and use a different color to highlight the ten-degree area from 24° of that sign to 4° of the next sign. Do the same counting 120 degrees on each side, to Aquarius and Libra. The eclipse will activate any planets in these zones, but the positive sextile and trine aspects naturally channel that energy into useful, creative directions.

Let me know if you have questions!
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