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I should have run this chart two weeks ago, but I didn't even think about it until this morning. So much for using the chart as a predictive tool, but at least it's a graphic representation of what's going on.

This chart corresponds (roughly) with old Celtic Lughnasa, the first harvest/high summer festival. It's the midpoint of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern. Yeah, I looked at this chart and thought, what a freaking nightmare.

what it looks like

August 7, 2009
4:01:09am CDT
San Antonio, TX

(note: This chart is for when the sun hit 15° Leo. If you live in a time zone far from mine, your chart will look different because your patch of the globe saw the sun reach that point in the sky at a different time. The aspects between the outer planets will be the same, but anything involving the sun and moon or horizon and midheaven will be particular to your location. OTOH, this chart may give some perspective on the USA's present nuttiness.)

Right, so. Quindeciles indicate deep, consuming obsession, and finding six in one chart is excessive by any standard. You can ignore the bits on the left. The point here is the sheer number of obsessions happening among the various archetypes.

Sun (2) quindecile Moon (9) - There's an obsessive relationship between...ego investment in self-worth/what you value AND emotional and revolutionary feelings, esp on the religious, legal, or university stage.

Sun (2) q North Node (7/8) - There's an obsessive relationship between...ego investment in self-worth/what you value AND your mission in life, mother relationship, death.

Mercury (3) q Jupiter (9) - There's an obsessive relationship between...communication AND hot air, zealotry, esp on the religious, legal, or university stage.

Mercury (3) q Chiron (9) - There's an obsessive relationship between...communication AND deep wounds and healing, esp on the religious, legal, or university stage.

Mercury (3) q Midheaven (10) - There's an obsessive relationship between...communication AND career & paternalism.

Mars (12) q Pluto (6) - There's an obsessive relationship between...heated debate re institutions & long term illness AND massive transformation in workplace and short term illness.

Okay, so that's the list of obsessions. In short: take a fire, throw gasoline on it, FWOOM! /x\

Also on the field are:

the ongoing era-defining Saturn-Uranus Opposition squared by Mars in the 12th. Squares are hard friction and make an opposition's ordinary tug-of-war exponentially harder.

•Mars (12) = heated debate re institutions & long term illness
•Uranus (10) = revolutionary change from above (paternalistic)
•Saturn (4) = traditionalists protecting the home & old ways

Blend those together and you get...a giant fight, and a portrait of a quintessential 12th house conflict (institutions, things we don't understand, boundary transgressions, long-term illness).

Annnd, now add these, all on the religious, legal, or university stage:

•Neptune (9) conjunct Chiron (9) = massive confusion and fantasy re healing/wounds
•Jupiter conjunct the Neptune-Chiron conjunction = hot air and zealous fervor
•Moon also conjunt the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction = high emotional investment in the whole mess


•Venus (1) on the Cancer Ascendant - Women and caregiving are on everyone's radar

•Pluto (6) opposed Ascendant - (Pluto at 0° Capricorn and moving retrograde into Sagittarius) - Dramatic short-term crises at work & in health. Compared to the rest of the chart, these crises are subtle or behind the scenes, or else they're slow, brooding changes. But they're still in contact with the Ascendant, so they're not invisible.

This? Is a lot.

Remember all this happens at both the macro and micro levels. We see this stuff in politics all the time, since it's on the news and magnified (for ratings and/or to be inflammatory). But all these themes are also going on within our personal lives. The ease or severity depends on the individual. (It's predictable by slotting this chart up against your birth chart, but I'm betting you know by now if you're being touched by this batch of crises personally. *g*)

What to do if you are? Wait it out. Be resilient. Realize that we're all obsessing over something and our private issues are pulling each of us off balance. If we keep that in mind, it's easier to step back from the crazy (your own and other people's) and take a breather.

Also, know this isn't going away soon. We're living the culture war, and it isn't pretty or fast. But on a micro level, we're all making choices about what to keep and what to transform in our own lives. Health is the watchword, and the better you take care of yourself, the more control you have over how this plays out.

Last, there totally are some pleasant things going on in the chart! Enjoy them. I don't mention them because, while conflict is hard and worrisome, there's no need to worry about happiness.

Autumn/Spring Equinox is September 22, at 4:19pm CDT. At a glance, I'd say the Autumn seasonal chart is significantly more stable and less obsessed than the current one, but it's still facing the fundamental conflict between radical change and holding to tradition. Same struggle, new angle.

OMG, we're going to be talking about healthcare reform for the rest of this year. /o\ At least all this should be educational. Possibly in the way that cleaning out an open wound is educational, if only to see what your insides look like. *headdesk*

BTW, the next Mercury retrograde starts Sept 6 & will last 3 weeks while everyone catches up on missed details and hopefully avoids transportaton mishaps. Expect the fact-checkers to finally have their say, albeit with more screwups and misstatements than most of us would like. The rest is Merc Ret SOP. Do your car maintenance now, plan for delays, reconfirm everything, and be flexible.


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