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Fall into Fall! This is a seasonal forecast for the entire season until Winter Solstice in December.

(Sorry, this one's especially long because there's a new-to-me configuration I wanted to work through. The long bit in brackets will probably not make much sense. That's okay! *g*)

Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere
September 22, 2009; 4:18:36pm CDT; San Antonio, TX, because it's where I am. House positions are correct for the US and Europe but not necessarily for other places. Planetary aspects are true regardless of geography.

Mother issues, issues of nurturing, and mother figures will be front and center for the Autumn season. It isn't so much about female role models as all issues connected to being and having a mom.

The Sun's spotlight is on Saturn and Mercury on the stage of death, mysteries, erotica, and other people's money (debt, inheritance). On that stage, matters of self-discipline and authority, and communication troubles will play out. Mercury is still retrograde, so clarity of communication is a problem -- and yes, Mercury will turn direct on September 29, but a retrograde planet in a seasonal forecast chart means we're likely going to be feeling fallout from these communication and travel issues all the way until Yule.

I've talked extensively about the Saturn-Uranus opposition and the culture gap. The presence of the Sun and Mercury retrograde are adding strength (and potential confusion) to the conservative agenda. But Uranus is now retrograde, too. Uranus is the genius-rebel, but the retrograde period means it's time to rethink some ideas. So, on the grand scale, Progressives are having to go back to the drawing board while Traditionalists make a comeback. The Moon (the Public) is in supportive aspect to both Saturn and Uranus, so that makes me think public sentiment will ultimately dictate the working compromises to come on major issues. Also, Mars in Cancer is in a helpful aspect to the Moon, so Feeling and Doing are placed to work together.

On a more personal level, look for a blockage in a major change in your life. Our emotions, self-discipline, and urge to action are supporting each other, so if you're emotionally invested in a project that isn't a radical change from the status quo, it should unfold fairly smoothly. Radical changes will likely need to be rethought.

Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction: This bundle of hot air, deep wounds, and ungrounded dreams is in major conflict with the Moon. What this says to me is people are getting TIRED of hearing about deep-seated beliefs (religious, philosophical, legal) and health issues. With Mercury retrograde, it's a safe bet that someone is going to say something insultingly dismissive, and the people whose beliefs and ailments are being dismissed will feel deeply offended by the lack of compassion. On a personal level, there may be mood swings and a sense of thwarted energy.

Meanwhile, look for hot sexyfuntimes in relationships, buzz concerning revolutionary aesthetics all across the arts, and for women to be seen embracing their sexuality in some totally respectable, sensible, and passionate way. (Expect men to feel a bit confused but not overtly threatened.)

{Interestingly, if you're an astrologer, there's a geometric pattern on this chart I've never seen before. There's a trapezoid in the center of the chart formed by two quindeciles (the aspect of obsession) where the top two planets are trine each other and semi- square the bottom two planets, which are quincunx.

Let's break it down going clockwise around the trapezoid:
- Jupiter quindecile Venus: intense obsession between doing things on an epic scale and art/harmony/relationships.

- Jupiter semi-square Pluto: mild conflict between Jupiter's entrenched faith and devotion to the Law and Pluto's need to destroy and rebuild from scratch.

- Jupiter quincunx Mars: Mars in Cancer wants to actively nurture, but Jupiter retrograde is busy with its progressive but muffled agenda. Adjustment of priorities required.

- Pluto quindecile Mars: Intense obsession between, on one hand, tumbling the fundamental structures that give our lives and society a sense of stability, and on the other: Mars' assertive nurturing. Also, Mars is in Cancer in the 6th, pointing to short-term illness, while Pluto (at the very beginning of Capricorn) is on the cusp of the 12th, indicating major change in hospitals, government institutions, etc.

- And Venus semi-square Mars: mild conflict between the woman taking power in relationships and the man trying to offer her nurturing support. Reversal of traditional gender roles. Discomfort arising from same.

All of that has its obvious application to the healthcare debate, but it should transcend that to all aspects of life. It'll be fascinating to see how it plays out.}

On a more personal level, emotions and mothering are a HUGE issue. Women are incredibly important this season, especially in things that *don't* involve money -- your own or your creditors'. Financial matters are pretty strictly in male hands for the Autumn season, and there's a lot of wisdom to be had from the men who have been doing money for their entire lives, so now may be a good time for women to find a veteran financial adviser, pick their brains, and learn. These men have experience and they might have some good advice for how to enact some positive changes to increase our prosperity.

Last of all, in North America and Europe there's reason to be proactive against the cold/flu season this year. I would love to say the period of overinflated hype and hysteria is over, but as long as Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are conjunct, and we have big doings on the health axis (House 6 to 12), there will be hot air and wild conjecture over illness. But forget the media. Now it's time to be practical, so wash your hands a LOT and cover your cough. Please. *g*

The next forecast is scheduled for the midpoint of Autumn in early November.

Happy Equinox!
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