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Okay, as far as the astrological weather, a number of pretty heavy things are going on.

1. On May 30, after ages of being retrograde, Saturn stationed direct, so it's apparent orbit -- from Earth's perspective -- stopped its reverse motion and is sloooowly moving forward again.  Its apparent motion is still sluggish and it will take a couple of weeks for it to get going. 

What that means in our lives is that -- just like when Mercury stations and everything related to communication and travel goes haywire -- Saturn-related things like rules, limits, authority figures, authoritarian regimes, structural organization, things connected to time and regulations are all coming unstuck from basically being in retrograde stasis for the last while.  Changes in Saturn energy are HARD.

2. A LOT of the planets are peregrine right now.  Peregrine planets lack any of the five major angles (aspects) between each other, and they are either akin to "the only wheel that works" or else "the squeaky wheel that gets the grease".  If you remember that the planets are archetypal CHARACTERS, then unaspected planets are either really dysfunctional in their relationships with the other planets OR ELSE they're remarkably (oddly) good at working, while the others struggle.

I just ran a chart for right now (3:35am) and Mercury and Venus are both fully Peregrine, and the Sun would be Peregrine if not for a square to the Moon.  So, the energies of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus archetypes are all fitting in BADLY right now.

3. Mars.  Mars is the archetype of our anger.  Right now, Mars is exactly opposed to Neptune.  Neptune is the archetype of dreams, psychic energy, addiction, drunkenness, etc.  Mars is directed energy.  When you put them together, you get fantastic charisma on one hand -- and on the other, you get wild fights where no one can express what they're fighting about; it's all a huge mishmash of incoherent rage.

4. Jupiter & Saturn.  Jupiter is absolute faith, expansion, hope, optimism hot air, propaganda, etc.  Saturn, like I said above, is rules, regulations, limits, an unwelcome bucket of ice water, etc.  They're in a longterm opposition right now and they're pretty much oil and water, and this tug of war between them is a difficult time.

5. Saturn & Uranus.  The longstanding (epochal) Saturn - Uranus opposition is STILL HAPPENING.  Uranus is innovation, genius, rebellion, revolution, tearing down old worn out ideas and changing them for totally new inventions.  Saturn is the old guard who does not want to give a single inch.  This is the undercurrent for the present half-decade, but we're about halfway through, if I remember right.

6. Pluto.  Pluto is presently in challenging aspects with: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus, and is in an energizing aspect with Mars.  Pluto is the energy of Kali/Shiva, of razing a neighborhood to build a new one, of tearing down old structures (mental, physical, institutional, philosophical) and replacing them with something new OR old.  It's about politics and the exercise of power, of dark secrets and hidden things, of magic and eros (not romance, not sex drive, not reproduction, but the most private components of what we find erotic). 

Remember Mercury is communication and travel; Venus is relationships, art, and women; and the others are listed above. Pluto's present aspect with Venus is especially obsessive, so add that note to the blend of Pluto-Venus energy.

7. Chiron.  Chiron isn't a traditional planet.  It's a huge asteroid out between Saturn and Uranus and represents the wounded healer--our deepest wounds and our deepest capacity to help others.  It's currently opposed Mars and conjunct Moon and Neptune.  The Mars opposition is the really heavy thing, though.  If you have Mars poking its sword into your deepest wound, then you're going to feel bad, and if you feel bad, then your own Mars energy is going to lash out.  And if we're all currently dealing with the above astrological weather, then we're ALL going to be kind of in a pissy mood, right?

So, yeah, there is a LOT of stuff going on in terms of hard relationships between these planetary archetypes.  Note that I haven't even looked at what sign (costumes) each character is wearing, but laying that level of mood onto each transiting planet will only further emphasize the nature of the conflicts.  (For example, Uranus is in Aries, and it's opposed to Saturn in Virgo.  So dress revolutionary Uranus in an Aries warrior costume, then put Saturn in a prim and proper in a Virgoan librarian's outfit.  THEN note that the angle between them is 180°, so they're opposing each other.)  Kimber's astrology series hasn't moved through all the planets and signs yet, so it might be a little hard to follow if you aren't already versed in the system.  But if you're curious as to where the planets are, here goes:

Moon: Pisces, Sun: Gemini, Mercury: Taurus, Venus: Cancer, Mars: Leo, Jupiter: Pisces, Saturn: Virgo, Uranus: Aries, Neptune: Aquarius, Pluto: Capricorn, and Chiron: Pisces. 

If you want exact locations, I like and for free charts.

Annnd I suspect I went overboard on the detail, but I hope this helped.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I'll try to clarify stuff on the general weather, if I can.  :)


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