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Astrologically, eclipses are ALWAYS harbingers of change.  You get news that radically changes your life.  The areas of your life to be affected are determined by where the eclipse falls in relation to your personal chart.

Penumbral (partial) eclipses are relatively minor.  Total eclipses indicate life-changing, fundamental change.

Lunar eclipses have a shorter term effect.  I believe I was taught that the shakeup in these cases only lasts about a month after the event, while Solar eclipses open the door to the next six months (at least) being marked by huge shifts.  Obviously, the six month mark doesn't mean it's over and everything goes back to normal, either.  When change starts, it keeps going -- we can't rewind our lives and go back to a happier time.  We have to cope with what's happened and make ourselves a new normal.

Lunar eclipses have to do with more emotional and maternal and feminine issues.  Solar eclipses have to do with issues of energy, selfhood, ego, practicalities in the real world, etc.  (But again, framed within the context of where they occur in your birth chart.  Find 19°24' Cancer in your natal chart, and that's where the eclipse is happening.)''

The Total Solar Eclipse is exact at 2:33pm CDT!

Remember, don't look directly at the eclipsing sun unless you're wearing something like a welder's mask.  Look at the moon-bite shadows it makes instead. :)

Er, also, there are reams and reams of articles written on what happens to world events following eclipses -- it's typically unpleasant and very stressful.  It's good to cultivate calm while rolling with the changes -- or else stepping up to protest, as you see fit.  Keeping hold of the bigger picture personally and on a world-scale is helpful.

I'm happy to answer questions if I can. :)


and a followup on what to expect from an eclipse occurring in a person's first house:

Okay, if you look at each house as a stage set, the first house (just below the horizon on the left side of the chart) is the stage set devoted to everything related to your personality and outward appearance.  This is about how people perceive you.  The SECOND house is about what you value personally, so the FIRST house is more about the image other people see.

You can control this image because it's tied up in our personal style.  Our style reflects our personality -- some Goths were Goth before Goth was a style because it was a self-created expression of their personality.  Meanwhile, other people stuck it on as an artificial poser-ish kind of thing...which is a normal experiment to see if new things fit.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

There's a lot of self-reinvention going on in the first house.  On a small scale it's getting a hair cut or color.  On a big scale, it's changing your entire wardrobe and way of interacting.  An eclipse here would indicate that you're looking at whether the way you present yourself to the world still fits who you've become.

And that answer CAN be yes.  Or, over the coming six months, you may find yourself in a job where people see you in a completely different way from how people see you now.  All of which is a totally normal part of life.
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