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Astrological Samhain

Sunday, November 7, 2010
6:42:30am CST
San Antonio, TX

This chart will be good from Nov 7 until Yule, which is exact on Dec. 21 at 5:40pm. It doesn't entirely replace the major themes of the Autumn forecast chart, as the 3-month seasonal forecast trumps the 6-week crossquarter forecast. So, it's best to read this with the full season chart in mind. The major elements of the Autumn chart were Mercury and Pluto each having a ton of obsessive/compulsive and transformative energy at work.

The Sun hits 15° Scorpio just before sunrise at 6:42 (and 30 seconds) on November 7th. That puts the Sun in the 1st house along with Mercury, Moon, and Mars. Sun and Mercury are both in intense, snarky Scorpio, while Moon and Mars are both in adventurous Sagittarius. There's a lot of hope inherent to this – the planets in the 1st house at the moment of birth are what's dawning into the new day. There's magnificent potential in that, and I think we'll find that after the last six weeks of constant Plutonic struggle, it will feel like a world of options are suddenly opening up.

All the planets in this chart are located between the 11th and 5th houses, placing the emphasis squarely on ourselves and those near and dear to us. The houses that deal with institutional issues, like banking, higher education and the law, work and career, are all empty, meaning that for the next six weeks, the major issues in our lives are going to feel be personal.


The Autumn forecast chart had a massive number of challenging aspects. This chart, however, has an amazing number of planets with no major aspects, which makes it really difficult to point to major upcoming themes. We call unaspected planets "peregrine" planets, like peregrine falcons, because they fly alone. They're not in a geometric relationship with other planets, so they don't blend easily into the energy of the other planetary archetypes. Sometimes the Peregrine is the 'squeaky wheel' – that archetype that you just never really get and keep having trouble with throughout life. And sometimes it's 'the only wheel that works' – meaning that the Peregrine energy flows naturally, but the other archetypal energies don't.

More than half of people don't have any Peregrines in their charts. Here's how to check to see if you do:
Look at an aspect grid for your natal chart and look at each planet's aspects to all the others. The major aspects are: conjunction (0°), sextile (60°), square (90°), trine (120°), and opposition (180°). You can rank Peregrines and almost-peregines like this:

1. Count the number of major aspects each planet has to the other planets (Moon through Pluto only) and put that number in a column.
2. Count the number of minor aspects each planet has to the other planets (Moon through Pluto only) and put that number in the next column. (There are a lot of minor aspects, you can google them if you're curious.)
3. Count the number of major aspects each planet has to the Ascendant and Midheaven.

If the first column has a zero, then the planet is peregrine. The second two columns let you get more specific. Going by this formula, our forecast chart has:
Sun (15° Scorpio): 0 0 2
Mars (7° Sagitarrius): 1 0 0
Saturn (12° Libra): 0 4 0
Pluto (3° Capricorn): 0 0 0

So, Pluto, Sun, and Saturn are full Peregrines, while Mars is such a strong near-peregrine (with only a single wide conjunction with Moon) that it also counts.

Putting it together

As we know, Pluto is about power; it may manifest as transformation, politics, eros, death, and so forth, but it's always ultimately about power. The 2nd house is about what we value in our selves and our possessions and money.

The Sun is about ego and the energy of self we have to channel into life to get our needs met. The 1st house is about the parts of our personality that people see first.

Saturn is about order, reasonable limits, taking care of responsibilities, and the awareness of time. The 11th house is about allies and acquaintances (rather than your closest friends, who fit into the realm of the 7th house).

Mars is about active energy, assertion, anger, and making things happen. Mars is located toward the end of the 1st house—arguably close enough to the 2nd that you could read it as if standing in the doorway between two rooms, interacting in both spaces equally.

Now take a moment to imagine each of these Peregrine planets as a squeaky wheel. Now imagine each as an 'only wheel that works'. Now imagine them all functioning either way, squeaky or not, depending on the circumstances, all at once. Got it? That's what the rest of the
Fall will feel like.

Discovering where these will fall in your own individual lives is as easy as finding where these transiting Peregrines are on your natal chart. For example, if 3° Capricorn, the placement of our transiting Peregrine Pluto, is in the 4th house of your natal chart, then maybe you're remodeling your house? Maybe your mother-in-law is moving in? Maybe you're putting your foot down and insisting your family get rid of twenty years of accumulated stuff.

In sum

Now, going back to the basic astrological weather, Sun in Scorpio shines light into dark places and brings out secrets into the world, but our lovely Moon is wearing Sagittarius! Sagittarius is the arrow: going-going-going-going with little thought or care for where it's going, as long as she's going, because flight is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the downside of wearing Sagittarius is ending up in places you aren't quite prepared for. When Moon is in Sagittarius, she needs that sense of adventure and exploration and absolute faith in the universe and all it has to offer, and blended together, a Scorpio Sun will meet those emotional needs by setting off on an exploratory journey to plumb hidden depths, as if going scuba diving in a deep, deep, dark lake.

All in all, there's a lot going on that's about individuation and personal power, and there's a pretty emphatic sense that people are ready for a change, even if they aren't clear on what sort of change
they want. With Moon and Mars both in Sagittarius, I fully expect 6 weeks of people rushing headlong into new situations on the hope that they'll be better than current circumstances. And that can be fun when not much is at stake. But if you're rushing in and the stakes are Pluto upending your bank account, it may help to do a little research before you take off.

As always, you can grab a free copy of your natal chart at or, and if anyone has any questions about any of this, I'm happy to answer! And I'm doing consultations now after a long time away from it, so feel free to send me an email (sageness@gmail) if you're interested. Thanks!

With much warmth through this lovely (and cool!) Autumn season.


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